Do You Want To or Have You Decided To?

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Mar 2021

Have you ever noticed thinking to yourself or telling someone you’d like to do or have something, like loose ten pounds, organize your closet or buy a new bicycle?   There is a time between wanting to do something and deciding to do something.  When you want to, you think about it, mention it to others, considering doing it but until you are ready you don’t begin. 

It’s fine to be in the ‘want to’ stage.  Sometimes we stay there for days, months, years. You may come to a point where you are ‘fed up’, or are inspired by someone, or wake up one day with ‘today’s the day’. The thing is though, don’t beat yourself up for being in the wanting stage.  No need to blame yourself for being there and certainly no comparing yourself with others.  And, once you decide, don’t berate yourself for taking so long to finally start. 

There is difference between wanting to shed some weight and deciding to do it.  In the wanting stage you look at the numbers on the scale, notice the fit of your clothes, wonder if you will ever do it, tell friends you would like to release the weight, and even make it an excuse not to pursue something.  “I can’t start dating until I loose 10 pounds”.

Once you decide to, everything changes.  You get rid of the tempting snack foods in your cupboards, shop for groceries differently, start cooking more, begin daily walks.   Everything moves into alignment once you decide to.  You feel more on purpose, less tempted or distracted and it feels good to finally be on the path to whatever you have set out to achieve or acquire.

Stay in the ‘want to stage’ as long as it takes.  Don’t force yourself into the ‘decide to’ until you are ready.  There is no rush, you will know when it feels right for you.  Then begin.


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