Do You Have a Hidden Money Agenda?

Jul 2019

In her book, Tapping into Wealth, EFT coach Margaret Lynch writes “Have you ever worked on a project or a team with someone who had a hidden agenda?  You get a clear sense that the goal on paper is way less important to them than something they didn’t acknowledge.  Surprisingly, those hidden agendas are often the saboteurs of the goal.”

It’s like that with money too.   If you unknowingly want a certain amount of money in order to feel safe, good enough, free or to prove something to someone, you create bigger unrealistic expectations that can bring more devastating lows as you work towards your money goals. When you encounter normal challenges in achieving your goal, underlying agendas can make a set-back or delay feel more personal, more threatening or more demoralizing.  Rather than see the challenge as something you can work through with time, you become more frustrated, anxious, even depressed because your hidden agenda goal is being withheld from you.

There is a way to uncover a hidden agenda so that you can clearly see what’s in the way of manifesting the money you desire.  When you understand what money means to you, what you want it for and develop a healthy regard rather than ‘needy’ relationship with money, you begin to open the path to being at ease with it.  You get to experience money as a like-minded friend, hang out together and do fun and great things together.

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