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The Clarity Effect

Muddled thinking, worry and fear lead to unproductive habits, bad or non-existent decision making, poor team performance and ultimately disappointing financial results.

Throughout my 18 years as an executive coach and emotional intelligence expert, working primarily with business owners, leaders and consultants, I have observed that when stress and pressure escalate, mental clarity declines. I named this the Clarity Effect. It consists of four states described here as weather conditions.

Dense Fog Effect

You know you are here when you can only see so far in front of you and maybe not even sure where you are.

This scenario has the business owner or leader working long hours with a never-ending to-do list, having difficulty setting priorities and staying focused. Making decisions is stressful and the temptation exists to do nothing. Team members seem to be working at odds with each other and profits are slumped or sliding down.

Partly Cloudy Effect

This is where there are moments of clarity but, just like clouds, muddled thinking and lack of clarity roll back in.

What seemed like a good decision is now doubtful, to-do lists expand and shrink but never gotten on top of, everything starts to go well with team performance then there is another crisis, setback or resignation. Sales and profits roller coaster.

Light Haze Effect

Haze restricts visibility and inhibits ability to see with fresh perspective.

Work, effectiveness and outputs are tolerable but certainly not stellar nor exciting. To-do lists feel like drudgery, each day feels like ground-hog day. Decisions are ‘safe’ but don’t help the business to grow. Taking risks seems too daunting, team performance is uninspiring and the leader is resigned to lackluster sales and profits.

Blue Sky Effect

Literally not a cloud in the sky. You can see for miles, have a long horizon and can step forward with confidence.

Your to-do list gets done with ease and skillful delegation and you are working in your zone of genius. You make decisions easily, almost as if are guided by a higher intelligence. You team is amazing and you are delighted with better-than-expected growing sales and profits. You even go on care-free vacations and leave everything behind.

Do you see yourself in one of these states? Are you where you want to be?

If you are in the fog, clouds, or haze and want to be living and working in Blue Sky, you need the Clarity Effect Optimizer (CEO). This is the work I do with my clients. This is my expertise and zone of genius. I can help you get there too.

Decision Clarity Advantage

This is how I get you there. These are the three components you need to enjoy blue sky clarity and deeper insights in order to make the best decisions to get the best results. With these three components, I guide you to a clear Blue-Sky state where you live and work with optimal grace and ease. Be in the flow of life, with unshakeable calm, clarity and confidence and achieve the personal and financial freedom you desire.

#1– Mind Rescue

Calm an overburdened mind enslaved in overthinking for access to greater awareness and understanding. Discover the power of a quiet mind.

#2– Fresh insight

Leverage your intellect and intuition for creative solutions, confident decisions and bold actions that produce ideal results with greater ease

#3– Inner Knowing

Rediscover belief and trust in yourself and your vision and goals. Absolutely know you have the ability to go twice as far with half the effort.

 Achieve Crystal Clear Clarity regarding:
  • Your inspiring ‘big picture’ vision, even if it feels ‘too’ big
  • Your streamlined business model for greater income and freedom
  • Your innate well-being, resiliency and natural confidence
  • Your authentic and authoritative leadership presence
  • Your capacity for greater clarity, insight and certainty
  • Your ability to be more decisive, productive and profitable
  • Your ability to work in a state of flow in your zone of genius
  • Your distinctive natural authority (DNA)

Clarity Academy Programs Are Available in Four Formats

3–Day Immersion Programs


Want to fast-track your clarity and results?  This program is for the individual who is ready for a focused all-in experience in order to dramatically accelerate the benefits of diving deep and getting to the bottom of issues. Expect to emerge with renewed vision, fresh perspective and powerful insights that will immediately inform and drive your decisions for better results.

  • In-person retreat to clarify your purpose, goals and genius
  • Customized program tailored to accelerate exceptional results
  • Three-month Mastermind membership

Schedule a 30-minute Clarity Conversation to determine where you are on the Clarity Effect Scale and what’s holding you back from working with greater confidence, ease and flow.



Love the energy and enthusiasm of a small group? Look forward to meeting and bonding with like-minded leaders who share your passion and desire for personal and business? If so, this is the program for you.

  • Three full-day workshops with new discovering, learning and laughter
  • Pre-course materials, assignments and handouts
  • Post-program follow-up 30-minute private mentor session

Discover what is in the way of your achieving your heart-felt goals in your career or business and having more ease and freedom in your life.


6–Month Incremental Courses

Personal Coaching and Mentoring Program

This program is for the business owner or leader who prefers a staged approach to learning and integrating concepts. Experience and jump-start half day with scheduled follow-on sessions to clarify goals, manage milestones and benefit from consistent course correction and accountability.

  • Kickstart three-hour introduction session in person or online
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one sessions which can be recorded
  • Unlimited email and text support

Let’s connect to discover if this might be a great option for you. Find out where you are and what you could achieve with Blue Sky clarity and the confidence that goes along with it.


Small Group Mastermind Membership

If you love to learn and grow in a group setting, this program is for you. You will still cover the content of the private mentoring program, but have the benefit of being able to learn through others, be supported by a like-minded group of individuals and pair up with a colleague for greater engagement and accountability. You can join this program at any time.

  • Six-month renewable membership
  • Two 60-minute masterclasses each month
  • Personal 30-minute session, 2nd session full pay bonus

Discover which clarity level you are at and how this program could get you to that blue-sky vision, confidence and capacity to move towards your business and life goals.


Client Success

Valuable insights ...

I value Marlene’s perspective and insights as a coach and mentor. She has been instrumental in helping me move past feeling stuck and trapped in my life to understanding that freedom and peace of mind are within me. I now see many more possibilities for my life and career and know I have the courage to step into them.

– Nicole Haltman, Professional,
Oil & Gas Trust

Hone your vision ...

Working with Marlene is like having a combination of a sports psychologist and a high-performance coach. She has both the personal development expertise and business acumen to help entrepreneurs hone their vision plus open the way for the leader to achieve real bottom-line results.

– Jean Darius
CEO, KPI Staffing

Identify your personal brand ...

Marlene was brilliant at helping me identify my distinctive personal brand, niche market and Business System. Her help has improved the number of people reaching out to me and I now deliver an incredible and unique product to my ideal clients.

– Jackie Rainforth, Speaker and Trainer
Rainmakers Business Solutions

I am building dreams ...

Marlene not only does the EFT work, she is so intuitive that in only a few sessions I was at the root of the problem and in the last year and a half, my life has completely changed. Not only professionally have I lived beyond my dreams, but now personally. I am building dreams I never thought were possible.

– Tammy Sherger, Founder
I Am Worth It Project

An amazing experience ...

Working with Marlene has been an amazing experience. The person I was three months, ago, I am a very different person today in so many positive ways. I have broken down so many barriers and beliefs that just weren’t serving a purpose anymore. They were the reasons I couldn’t step forward and grow my business and meet the people I needed to meet. I have so much more trust in myself and belief that I can do so many things I didn’t believe I could before.

– Joanne Hagerty,
Real Estate Investor

Stress is gone ...

A lot of stuff that would have had me losing sleep is simply gone. The amount of stress I used to have, the things that were a ‘10” are now at a ‘3’ or simply gone. Worry about money, gone.

– Stephen Spence,
Senior Operations Manager