Coaching Programs

What if you could?

  • Be more productive and profitable, with ease
  • Attract and retain valuable clients and employees
  • Have greater clarity and confidence in making decisions and managing complexity
  • Feel guided in effortlessly knowing what to do in each moment
  • Be more relaxed, more creative, and have more fun

Transformative coaching is not just to change what you’re doing,
it’s to change who you are being.

When you change, everything changes.

With an insightful understanding of how your mind operates
along with your innate capacity for insight, resilience,
and resourcefulness, you can…

Increase your personal productivity and effectiveness

More and more you work with a calm, focused mind and achieve more in your day without
mental exhaustion. You experience minimal stress and find your work more enjoyable and rewarding.

Resolve complex issues more readily and recognize more opportunities

You are less reactive to mistakes and can navigate setbacks and delays with greater aplomb. You
acknowledge issues and adverse circumstances as opportunities for growth and change.

Realize greater clarity and capacity to get to the heart of matters

You discover the true value of a quiet mind and your capacity to assess issues clearly and arrive
at innovative solutions with less effort and more creativity

Alleviate tension and increase retention of valuable employees

You are more relaxed, at ease and positively energized. Your employees recognize this and are
more resilient and responsive and take greater ownership and accountability for their work

Recognize your true nature and innate wisdom

You move beyond stress and self-doubt, even feeling like an impostor, to being more self-assured,
self-confident, self-directed and self-affirming while being more open and available to others.

Expand your leadership presence with people wanting to work with you and for you

You ground into yourself and become more present, and capable of deeper rapport and connection with others.
You realize greater appreciation, care and respect for others, qualities that are reciprocated in all your relationships.

Ways to Work Together

The Deep Dive Intensive

Half-day deep dive with
two follow-up sessions.
Bring any challenge you want to resolve and come away with greater clarity and a way forward.

$1500 plus GST


Two-day immersion plus six
monthly follow-up sessions.
Gain new perspective on what
success looks like for you to open the way to realizing your vision.

$5000 plus GST


3 to 12-month coaching programs designed to match your timeline and goals.   Let’s have a conversation to clarify your objectives and determine the best fit for you.

$3000 to 10.000 plus GST

A different approach:

Even though I led a successful interior design firm and have in-depth knowledge of business, finance and leadership skills, I will not tell you what to do. I have powerful questions that will help you reveal your answers from within and confidently know your next steps.

I point you toward your inner intelligence so that you gain greater clarity, realize solutions and make decisions that are right and feel right for you and continue to do so after coaching.

Clarity, confidence and inspiration to take action arise from a deeper dimension of you that is connected to the intelligence behind life. You possess invisible power that guides, informs and supports your success and well-being.

Enjoy your journey to self-realization, making a greater impact and having a richer experience of life.

When you are ready to chat…