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While the growing focus in the design/build industry is the creation of spaces that support the safety, health and well-being of those who occupy those spaces, interior designers and architects themselves are experiencing mounting stress and overwhelm. Burnout and stress-related illness are becoming more common in the industry with many designers and architects feeling more pressured to perform and enjoying their work less.

This seminar series addresses the psychological aspects of personal, team and business performance by directing designers toward their innate wisdom, health and well-being. A new understanding of the power of the human mind provides the foundation for designers to work with greater clarity, effectiveness and ease and feel more connected to their clients and colleagues.

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Stress-Less Success: The Psychology of Personal Performance
IDCEC CEU- 11798

Managing Expectations: Yours and Others
IDCEC CEU-118164

Conversations that Build Client Relationships and Trust
IDCEC CEU- 118136

Noon-1:00 PM MDT

Impostor Syndrome:  The Silent Saboteur
Its Meaning, Its Impact and a Way Through It
IDCEC CEU- 118710

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Success, Health and WELL-being of the Designer

Stress-Less Success: The Psychology of Personal Performance and Power
Learn how understanding your psychology helps you to improve effectiveness and short-circuit the time it takes to get things done well. Find out how to unleash your hidden mental potential to manage complex and multiple projects without going into overwhelm.


Managing Expectations: Yours and Others
As an interior designer or architect, you have a lot on your mind, a lot on the go and a lot of people depending on you. Learn how to set guidelines and deal with others’ concerns and urgency. Discover how you can respond to requests in a calm, confident manner that helps others to relax and trust your process.

How to Know and Trust Your Intuition
How do you know that what you are thinking and feeling can be trusted? Insight and intuition play a huge role in your capacity for creativity, foresight and problem-solving. Your creative genius arises not only from your education and experience but from a deeper knowing beyond your intellect. Discover how you can know and rely on your intuition for better, faster results.


Success, Health and WELL-being of the Client Relationship

Seminar 1
Conversations That Build Client Relationships and Trust
Learn listening skills and high-impact questions in your conversations with prospective and current clients to achieve greater clarity and deeper insight. Use these in your conversations with clients, colleagues, suppliers, consultants and contractors to arrive at a deeper shared understanding, get to the bottom of issues quickly and reach productive decisions.

Seminar 2
Impostor Syndrome:  The Silent Saboteur
Impostor Syndrome affects highly accomplished, intelligent professionals who, in spite of their obvious talent and achievements can sometimes feel they don’t deserve their success. This perspective leads to self-doubt which gets in the way of authentic relationships and connections with clients and others. Learn how to get past feeling like an impostor to greater clarity, creativity and unshakeable confidence.

Seminar 3
Conversing with Challenging Clients, and other Humans
Are there days when you would like to strangle your client? Or maybe the contractor? Dealing with other humans can be tricky at best, and even more so when an individual is being ‘difficult’. Learn five steps that will help you to be more at ease with crucial conversations in order to arrive at a shared agreement and move forward with goodwill.


Success, Health and WELL-being of the Business

Seminar 1
Your Business WELLness Checklist
Rate 25 factors that contribute to your effectiveness and well-being as a business leader and the health and profitability of your business. Identify where and why you might be stymied in certain areas so that you can see your way through. Find out how you can build a successful and sustainable business while enjoying all that life has to offer.

Seminar 2
Ditch the Fear of Growing Your Business
Do you grow or learn to say no? How do you build your business, have fun and stay connected with the work you love, clients you enjoy and the personal relationships you cherish? With growth, fears may arise around leading a team, keeping business coming in, overseeing multiple clients and projects and delegating with confidence. Discover how you can manage more complexity with ease.

Seminar 3
Harnessing Synchronicity in Teamwork
How is it that some teams work so well together and others struggle to see eye to eye and pull together on a project? Whether individuals realize it or not, we all live in the experience of our own separate realities via our personal thoughts on situations, issues and solutions. As team members recognize this, they can be more open to hearing what others are seeing and saying.