What does Authentic mean to you?

Jun 2024

Kevin Dunlap, founder of the Optimal Performance Academy invited me to join his podcast Business Amplified, a platform created to unlock insights for entrepreneurs.  I spoke on a topic near and dear to my heart, Impostor Syndrome and its implications.  I can appreciate how self-doubt sabotages the mental clarity, health and well-being of business owners and leaders because I was impacted by it too.

As a professional services provider, I worked way too hard to compensate for ‘not being that good” and burnt myself out in my first business as a commercial interior designer.  I found networking exhausting trying to project the appearance of a confident and self-assured person when I didn’t feel that way inside.  And, I was always worried that people would discover my success had been a fluke.

I continue to speak on Impostor Syndrome because I was fortunate to find a way past the anxiety driven self-doubt and stop feeling intimidated by those I saw as more capable and successful.  Feeling like an impostor zaps confidence and trust in making even the smallest decision and hinders the capacity to execute anything without second-guessing.  it prevents smart and capable individuals from being truly poised and present, and able to perform at their best with productive focus and ease.

Running a business is challenging enough without, as my colleague Dan Hill, Jr. states “self-doubt riding shotgun” pointing out your inadequacies and failures.

Know that it is possible to feel more authentic and confident without managing your thoughts, fixing your feelings, or doing a lot of ‘inner work’, It is through an understanding called the Three Principles that points us in the direction of our innate intelligence and well-being.  It has made all the difference for me and my clients.


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