What does Authentic mean to you?

Snow and ice covered road in winter.
Jan 2024

I recently observed a wonderfully insightful coaching session conducted by renowned Three Principles practitioner Christine Heath.  She was coaching an individual who was struggling with an important decision.  He had had a clear vision of something he always wanted in his life but now doubtful and insecure thinking was getting in the way of knowing what direction to go.

Christine used the metaphor of driving in winter when roads are subject to black ice.  We can be motoring along in life when black ice (representing our confused thinking) can send us skidding off course.   One option is to grab hold of the steering wheel and continue to point your vehicle in the direction you want to go.  This often brings the car under control and you motor on.  All humans have insecure and anxious thoughts, however, when you understand that is just how the mind works, you can navigate a bout of ‘mind skidding’ and usually carry on without incident.

I had a big aha moment with this realization.  I don’t know about you but I am vulnerable to insecure thinking.  I identify a great idea I would like to move forward with and pretty soon I begin to wonder if it is the best way to go.  Do I have what it takes? Can I hang in there long enough to see it through? What if I try and fail?   Have you experienced this?

When you hit a patch of ‘black ice’ of insecure thinking, this is the perfect time to ‘grab hold of the wheel’ and continue to point yourself in the direction of your dreams.  There will be course corrections along the way but self-doubt and fearful thinking become something you ride out rather than letting them take you off course.


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