From Bed to Plane in 70 Minutes Flat! or Good Stress vs Over-Stressed

Mar 2016

From Bed to Plane in 70 Minutes Flat! or Good Stress vs Over-Stressed

Mar 21, 2016 | Uncategorized

My flight to Victoria was scheduled to leave Calgary at 7:55 AM.  I had set the wake-up time on my clock but had not pushed the alarm on-button.  I woke up at 6:40 AM, sat blot upright in bed and exclaimed “OMG!”

In situations like this a little stress can be helpful.  It serves to snap us to attention and helps us to make fast clear decisions.

Do I even try to make the flight?  What the heck, go for it.
Do I have a shower?  NO  Make-up? NO  Comb my hair?  NO
Do I drive myself to the airport?  NO
Do I call a taxi?  YES  Wait time 15 – 20 minutes?  NO
Do I call a neighbour?  YES  No answer, leave a message?  NO
Do I call my friend Gabriela who lives nearby?  YES
She is surprised but can be here in 5 minutes – YES!
Do I try to negotiate my check-in at the airport?  NO
Do I ask for help from a Westjet attendant?  YES
She walks me to front of security and calls the boarding gate – YES
Do I freak out when I’m selected to have my bags swapped? ABSOLUTELY
Do I run like a dishevelled madwoman to the gate?  YES
Do I care how I look?  NO
Do I board the plane 5 minutes before takeoff – YES!

stressed lady

With stress overload the scenario might look like this.

I wake up at 6:40, sit blot upright in bed and exclaim “OMG!”

‘What should I do?  I could try to go to the airport but what if I don’t make it and then if I don’t how will I get another flight?  I might have to pay for it.  I wonder if I should call and ask what happens when a flight is missed?  I wonder when the next flight is?  I wonder how long I would have to hang around the airport if I don’t make my flight? I can’t decide what to do, I could check online to see if the flight is really on time………”

Brains on stress overload don’t function particularly well and many of us are already experiencing significant distress.  Any additional challenges, even small ones, will flood our bodies with even more stress hormones, overload our mental circuits and cause us to be agitated, confused and indecisive.

When we are able to handle our everyday stressors – through greater awareness, mindfulness and yes EFT, those unexpected challenges and emergencies can be handled with more resolute and proactive decisions.  You will find yourself calmer and less easily aggravated by people and events that might have taken your stress over the top so that mad dash trip to the airport can even be seen as an adventure.


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