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Feb 2016

Be Careful What You Say, Your Mind is Listening

Feb 22, 2016 | Uncategorized

(and it will work to create the very thing you say – without any judgement).

One type of a barrier to success is the self-fulfilling statement that we repeatedly think or say without realizing its true impact.

In a weight loss workshop – one of the participants made an off-the-cuff statement: “I always want to lose weight” – and she had been, for the past 27 years.  Later a friend of mine admitted that she has been struggling for decades with “I never have enough money”.  I had to admit to myself that I have been “working on my business development” which of course is different than “working in my business”.

When our subconscious mind hears these mandates over and over, it works to fulfill them without any assessment of right or wrong, or better or worse – it just is.  As we operate predominantly from our subconscious (some scientists suggest 95% of the time) we may not even be aware of what are doing or avoiding that inevitably manifests that condition.  Thus someone who claims “I will never be able afford that”, basically will likely never be able to afford it.

It is possible to reverse the impact of these statements, but we need to recognize that we are thinking or saying them.  If you feel that you are blocked in some area of your life – weight, romantic love, clarity or even self esteem, ask a close friend if he or she has noticed something that you say or do that you may not be aware of.


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