Awaken to Your Power

 Coming Home to Your Wise, Knowing and Authentic Self

8 Week Transformative Program for Women

April 3 – May 22, 2024

Is This You?

  • Your confidence comes and goes.  You can feel self-assured, optimistic, insecure and anxious all in the same day
  • You want to find and trust your authentic voice,  to do and say what feels right for you, always
  • You have done things, or not done things, that felt right for you which you later regretted
  • You feel overly responsible for others, trying to meet their expectations and not disappoint
  • You can feel like an impostor, worried about what others will see and think of you
  • You can find yourself engaging in one or more of  the 5P’s – pleasing, perfecting, procrastinating, over-performing and trying the prove yourself
Awaken to Your Power- confidence training

Who You Truly Are is All You Need to Be

There is a deeper dimension to you that has been with you since birth. Your True Nature carries with it the wisdom of the universe,  innate mental health and well-being, an unlimited capacity for creativity, innovation and resourcefulness and a deep grounded confidence in your perspective, capabilities and value.

Over time though, these inner qualities become covered over with early life conditioning,  conventional education,  cultural pressures and unhelpful beliefs about yourself and your world.

This program is a guided expedition to your inner identity that is never impacted by your life experiences, knows no bounds to self-expression, and knows absolutely that you are informed, guided and protected by the intelligence behind life.

Who you truly are is pure consciousness, with the capacity to travel through life with resilience, grace and ease.  You are flawlessly designed for success.

Learn to Realize and Trust Your Inner Knowing

What’s Possible for You

When you orient yourself to your  ‘knowing’ inside, you will experience a greater sense of joy and freedom .  This is the beginning of your journey to continue to ‘tune into’ your inner knowing, and be pulled and guided by it.  It will afford you the grounding to express yourself powerfully and authentically in your work, relationships and life.

  • Overcome Impostor Syndrome and feel ‘at home’ in yourself
  • Come into your own as a natural leader and bring out the best in yourself and others
  • Release the weight of obligation and feeling overly responsible for others
  • Feel more calm, confident and connected to people in your work and life
  • Create your dream business/career with less stress and more effortless ease and grace
  • Discover greater presence, poise and power within yourself to create greater impact and income.
  • See ‘behind the curtain’ of how life works and who you truly are

What Others Have Said About This Course

“From previous experience working with Marlene, I knew that this course would be well worth it. I find now my art students and family express how grateful they are to spend time with me because I exude an aura of calm that they find settles them. Also, I am much more aware of what is going on in my own mind and more able to choose the relevant thoughts instead of those that would have me anxious and agitated.

Do you want to feel in charge of yourself,  Do you want to change your life and experience it in a deeper, richer, more engaging way?   My answer will always be ‘Then TAKE THIS PROGRAM!  It changes everything.'”

– Nancy-lynne Hughes, Artist and Instructor, Hughes Fine Art

“THANK YOU AGAIN for this great course!  I enjoyed it sooo much, more than I ever thought I would. I took away elements that would not only help me in my business but my well-being as a whole. I realize there is nothing in the way of being myself and, I have a new sense of self-confidence and appreciation for my talents, gifts and capabilities.”

– Lori Cox, Licensed Interior Designer

“This course is so much fun, I can’t wait to facilitate it again.  I loved the new realizations and insights everyone shared and watching the women awakening to their knowing and confident selves.

– Marlene Cameron, Three Principles Practitioner




Eight weeks beginning April 3 – May 22, 2024

9:00 to 10:30 AM MDT

All sessions are over Zoom and will be recorded.

You are welcome to call 403 209-2142 or email me anytime with your questions.


This is not a ‘how to’ course where you will be provided with steps, tools and techniques.  You will learn the science of the Three Principles understanding that has transformed thousands of lives around the world.

This understanding will empower you to uncover a calm and confident presence in your work, life and relationships and enjoy the personal power to take with your wherever you want to go.



What you will come away with is a life-changing understanding of your deeper nature and capacity for insight and intuitive knowing and sensing what is true and right for you.  When you see this and trust yourself, you have everything you need to achieve your dreams.

You will no longer need to look outside yourself for reassurance, confirmation and validation.  You will let go of concern for what others think of you with the understanding that you have no power to manage their programing and perceptions.   You will dicover the freedom to be authentically you, with wisdom and grace.


8-Week Course with Recordings:
Course resource materials included

Course fee: $600 + GST ($630.00)

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