Are Your Emotions Running Your Life?

Jul 2019

It can feel like your emotions are running your life.   You suddenly feel anxious, or sad, or frustrated.  It seems like the feeling came out of the blue, unrelated to anything or it might feel like you emotions come from people or circumstances, but they don’t.  Emotions come from the same place every time, without exception.  Distressing emotions come from distressing thoughts, happy emotions come from happy thoughts. You can’t control the thoughts you think, any more than you can control our breath for any length of time but there are ways to mitigate the runaway emotions.

The roots of negative thoughts and emotions are resolved experiences, limiting beliefs and skewed perceptions.  Every thought, memory and belief has an energetic or emotional aspect which can be transformed though a process call Emotional Freedom Technique.   Highly charged distressing memories can be neutralized, restricting beliefs can be transmuted to empowering ones, and distorted perceptions can be discharged and replaced with insight, compassion and forgiveness.

Founder Gary Craig named this process so aptly – Emotional Freedom Technique – a way to be emotionally set free of anxiety, fear, frustration, regret, resentment or sadness in order to experience more calm, optimism, peace and joy.

Considering joining us for EFT tapping training, July 24-26, 2019 in Calgary.  These Level 1 and 2 courses are the foundation for learning the self-help tool for you own personal empowerment and to go on to work at a professional level with others.

Therapists, counsellors, coaches, health professionals educators and others have found these courses to be life-changing.  Small class size and individual supervision provide an ideal environment to learn and experience this remarkable tool for healing, growth and transformation.


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