Do You Feel Worthy of Being Good Enough?

Mar 2019

During a recent CBC radio talk show on Impostor Syndrome, a woman called in to say that after some deep personal inquiry work surrounding her own impostor feelings, she came to realize: ”I am good at what I do and I can allow myself to acknowledge that I am worthy of being good”.  She went on to say “I had this shift in perception about myself.  Then I allowed myself to get even better results.”

I thought to myself, Wow!  What a revelation.  How many of us spend time thinking “I don’t know enough”, “I could have done better”, “I was just lucky” or even “Do they think I am good enough?”  Secret thoughts that you need to know more, do more, be more and produce more or more perfectly to finally arrive at a place you might claim as “success”.

With a mindset of “could be better” how could you create results you were happy and satisfied with and proud of?   When the subconscious mind receives redundant messages of “I’m not good enough” what are the chances that the results you achieve are not good enough either?  I’d guess 100% of the time.  You’ll find mistakes, conjure up shortcomings or imagine others finding fault.

Notice that the women said ‘after some deep personal inquiry’ she was able to see herself differently.  This was my experience too.  I worked with a master EFT practitioner to “unravel” all of my misperceptions about myself and my capabilities.  I created a coaching program to help others fully own their expertise and use it to benefit themselves and others.  It is well worth the journey to come home to your true self, embrace your genius and give yourself permission to achieve even better results.

If you are interested in learning more about allowing your own potential to emerge, ask me about a Personal Strategy Session where you will discover 5 things that are holding you back and one thing you could do to move forward.  You will come away feeling clearer and more confident in your value, and your capacity to create all the success you want, knowing that you absolutely have what it takes.


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