Your Personal Play-by-Play

Feb 2024

My colleague, Peter Mohan, mentioned that he had an insight regarding sports commentators.  With the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday, hundreds of commentators will be broadcasting their observations and opinions about how the game is being played.

Peter realized that he spends a lot of time observing himself in his own life, mentally commenting as to how he is showing up, how he is doing and what could or should be different.

I suspect many of us spend a lot of time on play-by-play commentary on how we are doing, how we look, and letting us know if we are performing as expected and demanded.  “What could I have done better, differently, faster, more effectively?”  When you think about it, you might realize you do this pretty much 24/7.   You might even believe others are also observing and commenting on your game, having you wonder ‘What are they seeing and saying about me?’.

Without the play-by-play commentary, I maintain that you are less self-conscious, more at ease and have more fun.  You could just do your life without having to judge yourself or justify your actions.  You could happily play your own authentic game, oblivious of the nitpicking thoughts that nag, criticize and complain about your personality or performance.


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