Are You an Insecure Overachiever?

Jun 2022

It would seem a paradox that someone who is talented, driven, ambitious, intelligent and successful would see themselves as insecure and lacking confidence.

Laura Empson, Professor in the Management of Professional Services Firms at Bayes Business School spent decades researching elite firms, where she witnessed many brilliant, successful and apparently confident people regularly describe themselves as insecure.

She refers to these people as insecure overachievers – exceptionally capable and fiercely ambitious, but driven by a profound belief in their own inadequacy.

They are sometimes described as the perfect consultant because they’re driven to achieve, in the hope of proving themselves or feeling significant. Of course, that moment never comes, so they never stop achieving.  It’s great for the firms they work for, but as they continue to drive themselves and they often burn out in the process.

Is this you?  If so, talk to someone you can trust about your fears.  Alternatively, schedule an exploratory conversation with me.   I’ve been there myself and can help you uncover what’s behind your relentless drive to achieve more.


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