About Marlene

Marlene Cameron, business confidence trainer

Hi, I’m Marlene

As an entrepreneur or leader do you feel you need to project a version of yourself that you don’t feel fully aligned with? I did too.

My Personal Story

No one would have guessed with all my academic, career and business accomplishments that I secretly struggled inside. I projected an air of confidence and success, but in truth, I felt like an impostor.

I felt self-conscious when I was complimented or recognized for an achievement, thinking that my success had been due to luck, or a mistake, simply because I worked so hard. This constant second-guessing of myself created anxiety, self-doubt and hesitation to step out and show up as me without fear of judgment or rejection, which was really a projection of my own judgment and rejection of myself.

My journey took me through a myriad of programs, processes, tools and techniques that helped to some degree, but never seemed to address the root of my insecurity and self-doubt. They were all somewhat effective and did provide temporary relief, but something had me continue to seek a solution to persistent feelings of  ‘not enough’.

I became a master practitioner and trainer of a well-known technique that I taught for many years. In working with my certification students, something was revealed that had me wonder about the relationship between what we thought and how we felt. Through a fellow master trainer, I was introduced to a radical new understanding of how human beings operate. It was what I had been unknowingly looking for. I had found the missing piece of the puzzle. This new understanding is known as the Three Principles

Discovering the Three Principles

When I felt drawn to immerse myself in the Three Principles, I came to understand a psychological/spiritual paradigm exists regarding our true nature. I have always believed that the body knows how to heal itself given the right environment. What I had not known before is that the mind knows how to ‘right itself’ too.

We have an innate, natural well-being that is our default state. We have the capacity to return to a calm, peaceful mind regardless of any previous difficult or upsetting experiences. We also have the capacity for insightful mental clarity and ability to work in what we call the ‘zone’ or a flow state that has everything feel easier and more fun. Fresh ideas come freely, we are more creative, any issues or problems get resolved through new perspective. We worry less, are more productive and enjoy a greater sense of aliveness and joy.

The Principles were discovered by Canadian Sydney Banks through an awakening experience on Salt Spring Island in 1973. As his own thinking fell away, he experienced complete relief from his own insecurities and was shown that we when we invite a quiet mind that we naturally return to a calm state of well-being, feeling guided and supported by infinite intelligence behind all Life.

I have integrated the Three Principles into my work with clients and guiding them to see that clarity and inner peace are not something we have to ‘work for’ but are always there when we quiet our minds and receive valuable insights and fresh ideas.

Investing in Your Success

What could you accomplish with unshakeable belief and trust in yourself and in life? How would it feel to rely on your own common sense and wisdom to guide you in your success, fulfillment and happiness?

I provide training and coaching for interior design and architecture business owners, managers and their teams to deepen understanding and skills for effective communication, greater resiliency and well-being and enhanced leadership capabilities for new and emerging leaders.

Find out which of these programs would be suit your needs right now. I would be delighted to help you find greater clarify your vision and goals.

My Professional Journey

I have been training, coaching and mentoring business owners, leaders and mental health professionals since 2002. Former successful careers as a commercial interior designer, business owner/manager, management consultant and financial analyst have garnered me extensive experience and expertise in business leadership and strategy, unlocking human potential and enhancing resiliency and well-being.

A client won the 2006 International Coach Federation (ICF) sanctioned Prism Award for “Business Excellence Achieved Through Coaching” and I was part of a team of coaches working with executives at Chevron Resources Canada, winner of the Large Business Prism Award in 2010.

My credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional designation
  • Certified Performance Coach (CPC)
  • Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
  • Accredited Master Trainer (EFT International)
  • Three Principles Registered Practitioner
Marlene Cameron EFT coach and Master Trainer in Calgary Alberta