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My mission is to help professional men and women overcome the self-doubt and fears that keep them from realizing their full potential in their lives and careers. Surprisingly, many high-achievers secretly wonder… “if I am so smart, talented and capable, why do I feel like an impostor?”

In my 50’s, a divorce rocked my confidence to the core. Overwhelmed with insecurity, I felt unable to put myself “out there” with any self-assurance. Out of necessity, I became a master at faking it. No one would have guessed that I did not feel worthy of serving the clients I wanted to work with. I had been very successful business owner as a corporate interior designer, had earned an MBA in finance, had achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, was a credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and one of my clients had won an award for “Business Excellence Achieved through Coaching”.

The truth is, even with all my career and business success, I felt that I never “measured up”. I did not think I deserved the accolades and recognition and believed people complimented me on my work because they were being “nice.” I would come to understand that I suffered from a condition called Impostor Syndrome– a mindset that causes capable people to downplay and dismiss their achievements, and live in fear as being “found out” as the impostors they believe themselves to be.

My own journey to fully internalize my mastery and accomplishments equipped me with the insight and skills to help high-achievers fully own their expertise. I discovered a truly game-changing technique – Emotional Freedom Tapping and used it extensively to release self-defeating beliefs and emotions that would surface at any time and throw me into fear and doubt. Through this life-changing journey, I created a powerful system– Simply Unshakeable – to empower professionals in business to take ownership of their unique talents and command the recognition and financial return they have worked so hard for.

To get you started on the path to having the influence, impact and income you want, go ahead and request my complimentary e-book –
Seven Keys to Unshakeable Confidence

7 Keys to Unshakeable Confidence e-book by Marlene Cameron

My Coaching Story

Even after becoming a certified coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and one of my clients winning the ICF sanctioned 2006 Prism Award for “Business Excellence Achieved through Coaching,” I still felt that something was missing in my ability to help my clients shortcut the time and energy it took to achieve the results they wanted.

Intentions were identified, goals were set and actions planned that would create the results they sought, but something was happening between sessions that got in the way of their ability to follow through. I came to realize that something else was at play, that there were unconscious hidden agendas that were creating hesitation and procrastination. Not only were the steps not taken, my client were left wondering “what’s the matter with me?”

We know now that the subconscious mind rules our choices and it responds, without judgment, to the programs and perspectives it has adopted. Limiting beliefs, buried emotions and unresolved emotional issues override our conscious desires in frustrating and confusing ways.

Marlene Cameron EFT coach and Master Trainer in Calgary Alberta
“I have come to know EFT as the most powerful self-help tool for maximizing our potential in our careers, relationships, health and happiness.”

Marlene Cameron

Discovering EFT

I discovered the emerging field of energy psychology which recognizes that our thoughts and emotions are intricately connected to our body/mind. Distressing emotions from past experiences can re-emerge in similar situations and unsupportive beliefs can inhibit our choices and capacity to take decisive action.

When I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques, I realized its power to free us from our past, release our emotions and adopt new empowering beliefs about ourselves. I have come to know EFT as the most powerful self-help tool for maximizing our potential in our careers, relationships, health and happiness.

I integrated EFT tapping into my coaching practice ten years ago. Before EFT, it felt like I was coaching with “one arm tied behind my back”. EFT has been the single most profound influence on my capacity to help people heal, grow and transform their lives.


Marlene Cameron is a Master EFT Trainer through AAMET International
I am now an AAMET International (The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) as a Master EFT Trainer.

AAMET is one of the world’s premier EFT training and certification organizations who certify practitioners and trainers around the world. I am proud to be part of this association that stands for excellence and ethical EFT practice.

Marlene Cameron served on the Board of ACEP for 3 years
I served on the Board of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) for 3 years as Director of Communications and editor of the online magazine, The Energy Field.

I have attended energy psychology conferences annually since 2010 and am now a regular speaker at these conferences in Canada and the U.S.

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