A Whole New Way of Thinking About Thoughts

Apr 2021

An Introduction to The Three Principles

Over the years I been introduced to many concepts about thoughts: ‘you are what you think’, ‘thoughts have power’, ‘think and grow rich’, among others. More recently, I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking about thoughts – namely a revolutionary paradigm shift about how life works for humans beings and about our spiritual nature.

This new understanding, named The Three Principles, was arrived at by a Canadian man, Sydney Banks, who had an enlightenment experience and spiritual awakening on Salt Spring Island, B.C. in 1973.   In a moment of profound realization, all his insecure thinking fell away and he was gob-smacked by the wonder and beauty of the world around him.   He could clearly see that his insecure feelings were fueled by his own thinking.  He saw too, that at our essence we are boundless potential with unlimited capacity for creativity, resilience and well-being, regardless of anything that has happened in the past.

He named this new knowledge The Three Principles which underlie our psychological and spiritual essence.  The Principles operate within everyone, without exception, all the time – like the principle of gravity.  Briefly stated, the Principles are:

The Principle of Mind

There is an infinite intelligence and energy behind all life, the Principle of Mind.   We are lived by Divine Wisdom which arises within us through insights, instinct and intuition.   When we understand that the Wisdom behind all life is informing and guiding us, we can relax knowing that answers and solutions will arise on their own.    We are part of this intelligence, it is not separate from us.

The Principle of Thought

Thought is the link between the formless infinite intelligence and form (physical, material world). We live in the reality of our own thoughts.  We do not generate thoughts; they arise from the formless and invisible ‘thinking stuff’ behind all life. This is the Principle of Thought. We live in a flow of thought; however, we can innocently use Thought in ways that hinder our potential and create discomfort – like thinking we are not ‘good enough’.

The Principle of Consciousness

Through the Principle of Consciousness, we are able to be aware of and experience our thoughts through our emotions, feelings and our five senses.  All feelings and sensations are by-products of our personal thoughts.   Feelings arise from our thinking moment to moment, not from people, things or situations outside of us.   We have the capacity to naturally return to a calm state of mind when we understand it is our own thoughts that are causing distress, not the outside circumstances.   Thoughts and feelings are temporary so we don’t have to ‘do’ anything about them.  

This different way of thinking about thoughts has brought me to a new level of peace of mind and trust that ‘things will work out’.  I don’t have to spend so much time trying to figure out, control or manipulate circumstances. Insight and answers will come on their own. I’ve decided to embrace infinite intelligence as a ‘partner’ knowing I can depend on Wisdom to emerge through my creative, insightful and fresh idea thoughts.  You have this option too.


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