Extraordinary Clarity • Exceptional Results

Are You …

Feeling pressured, stressed and stretched too thin?

Putting in too many hours and not getting the results expected?

Frustrated your team is not pulling together?

Overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list?

Wanting more personal and financial freedom?

What if you could …

Feel calm, guided and self-assured 

Make decisions and delegate with clarity and ease

Take the risks you know you need to in order to grow

Have an aligned, optimal performing team you can count on

Work fewer hours, take vacations and have more fun!

The Three Principles 

Our work is based on a ground-breaking understanding of our spiritual and psychological nature discovered by Canadian Sydney Banks during an enlightenment experience in 1973.  His discovery of our innate intelligence and well-being came to be known as the Three Principles, the foundations of which have adopted by mental health professionals and coaches throughout the world.

The Principles explain the nature of the human experience and reveal how to unlock the mind’s potential so that we can benefit from the untapped resource we all possess.   Realizing these Principles allows you to have optimal mental clarity and trust you have an unlimited capacity for intelligent/responsive thinking, creativity and resourcefulness.

With greater clarity, insight and emotional balance you and your team members have the capacity to be more productive and profitable, be more stress and pressure-resistant and enjoy greater engagement and fulfillment.  Unlock the limitless potential of your mind.

With the Three Principles as our foundation, we provide training, mentoring and coaching for CEO’s entrepreneurs and teams.



Professional business woman

Invest in the success of your professional practice or consulting business through tailored-to-you training and personal mentoring.  Clarity drives focus and conviction.



Leverage your leadership talent through customized programs to increase knowledge and skills for  greater calm, clarity and confidence at all levels including CEOs, managers and team leads.


business team

Training programs to increase the clarity, effectiveness and well-being of your team for enhanced communications, creativity, collaboration and productivity.

Marlene Cameron confidence coach from Calgary Alberta

Hello, I’m Marlene Cameron

As a professional woman in business, I remember ….

  • Feeling persistent self-doubt and overwhelm as a small business owner
  • Being besieged with anxiety and the pressure to be more and do more, typical for someone who feels like an impostor
  • Spending thousands on business courses and not getting the results expected
  • Struggling to get clear so that I could delegate effectively and support others in being successful
Then I came to understand, I am much more than I had realized
That is… we all have innate clarity, wisdom and well-being within that informs and guides us in seeing the truth of our extraordinary capacity to perform to our potential. Through the concepts of the Three Principles, I saw how we can get past our limited perceptions and recognize and resolve issues with new clarity. I now want to share how to unlock the power of innate intelligence within you and your team.

Make the Call!

Are you fed up with feeling stressed and struggling in your business?

Ready to have your team aligned and working together?

Prepared to have the confidence to let go of what no longer works and discover what is really possible for you?

Would NOW be a good time to grow your business in a way you never thought possible?

Free Monthly Coffee & Conversation Café
Learn more about the Three Principles understanding of your own innate wisdom, resilience and well-being. How does this ‘insider knowledge’ translate into having greater confidence, personal freedom and success?

I will be hosting a free monthly 3P Coffee & Conversation Café at 9:00 am MDT the Second Friday of each month, starting Friday, September 10th.

You are and know more than you know now. I look forward to having you join me.

You can access the Zoom link to register to attend the meeting below:

Check out the latest on our blog:



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