Grow Your Business and Team with Unshakeable Confidence

Awaken to your wise, powerful and authentic self and discover effortless ease and grace.

Is This You?

  • You love your work but often feel stressed, pressured and headed for burnout.
  • You find yourself overthinking, overwhelmed and over-working decisions
  • You wished you had more hours in your day, or at least get more done in the time you have
  • You would like your team to be more engaged and work more collaboratively
  • You wish you had more mental bandwidth and time for your life and family

As a business and executive coach, I provide personal performance and leadership development to enhance your personal productivity and elevate your business success.  I point you in a direction you may not have looked before – to your innate capacity for greater clarity, insight, innovation and peace of mind.  Your state of mind is your greatest asset in leading an extraordinary business.  When you understand how your mind works, you can use it the way it was meant to be used – for greater success, engagement and well-being.

Overwhelm, stress and burnout are not requirements to achieve the success you are seeking for yourself and your firm.

Let’s uncover your innate capacity for more effortless ease and enjoyment in your life and work.


Coaching Programs

Business and leadership coaching for firm owners and partners for elevated clarity of vision and outcomes and implementing key decisions, delegating and identifying opportunities. Elevate your presence, confidence and skill as an insightful and trusted leader.


Training courses for business owners
Customized training courses for the small business owners to increase the effectiveness and well-being of your team. Realize enhanced communications, innovation, collaboration and productivity through Principle-based understanding of our innate capacity for success.

A New Way to Use the Power of Your Mind

My work is based on a ground-breaking understanding of our inner nature discovered by Canadian Sydney Banks during a profound experience in 1973. His discovery of our innate intelligence and well-being came to be known as the Three Principles, the foundations of which have been adopted by mental health professionals and coaches worldwide.

The Principles explain the nature of the human experience and reveal how to unlock the mind’s potential so that we can benefit from the untapped resource we all possess.  Realizing these Principles allows you to have optimal mental clarity and trust you have an unlimited capacity for intelligent/responsive thinking, creativity and resourcefulness.

With greater clarity, insight and emotional balance you and your team members have the capacity to be more productive and profitable, be more stress and pressure-resistant and enjoy greater engagement and fulfillment. Unlock the limitless potential of your mind.

With a Three Principles foundation, I provide coaching and training for business owners, leaders and teams.


Leadership by Design

Marlene Cameron Leadership by Design

Businesss and Leadership Mentoring and Coaching

Elevate your presence, influence and impact as an insightful and trusted leader.

3, 6 and 12-month programs customized to your needs and goals.

Awaken to Your Power

Training courses for business owners

Awaken to your Wise, Powerful and Authetic Self

An 8-week transformative program for aspiring women in business.  Realize perfect self-expression through the power of your true nature.

Next Course Starts April 3rd

Links to Success

Links to Success training course

Discover the power of your mind and your capacity for greater ease, focus, flow for extraordinary results on and off the golf course.

Play our virtual 9-hole “Executive Course’ and learn how elevated golf leads to business excellence.

Marlene Cameron confidence coach from Calgary Alberta

Hello, I’m Marlene Cameron

As a professional woman in business, I remember ….

  • Feeling persistent self-doubt and overwhelm as a small business owner
  • Being besieged with anxiety and the pressure to be more and do more, typical for someone who feels like an impostor
  • Spending thousands on business courses and training and not getting the results expected
  • Struggling to get clear so that I could delegate effectively and support others in being successful
Then I came to understand, I am much more than I had realized
That is… we all have innate clarity, wisdom and well-being within that informs and guides us in seeing the truth of our extraordinary capacity to perform to our potential. Through the concepts of the Three Principles, I saw how we can get past our limited perceptions and recognize and resolve issues with new clarity. I now want to share how to unlock the power of innate intelligence within you and your team.

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Are you fed up with feeling stressed and struggling in your work?

Ready to have your team aligned and working together?

Prepared to have the confidence to let go of what no longer works and discover what is really possible for you?

Would NOW be a good time to lead your business in a way you never thought possible?

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